Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash
Jyrki "Muddy" Manninen (Guitar [since 2003], ex-Red House Blues Band, ex-Havanna Blacks, ex-Gringos Locos), Joe Crabtree (Drums [since 2007], Pendragon, The David Cross Band), Bob Skeat (Bass [since 1998]), Andy Powell (Vocals, Guitar founder member, [since 1969]), Laurie Wisefield (Vocals, Guitar [1974-1985], Little Devils, Roger Chapman, ex-HOME, ex-Glory Glory, ex-Tina Turner, ex-Joe Cocker, ex-4 Bills And A Ben, Snakecharmer (UK)), Roger Filgate (Guitar [1995-1997], Blast Room), Mike Sturgis (Drums [1995-1998], ex-Asia, ex-21 Guns, ex-Psycho Motel, ex-The Untouchables), David "Ted" Turner (Vocals, Guitar founder member, [1969-1974] [1987-1994]), Mark Birch (Vocals, Guitar [1998-2001]), Steve Upton (Drums founder member, [1969-1990], ex-The Scimitars), Ray Weston (Drums [1990-1993] [1998-2007]), Ben Granfelt (Guitar [2001-2003], Ben Granfelt Band, ex-Gringos Locos, ex-Guitar Slingers, ex-Leningrad Cowboys), Andy Pyle (Bass [1986], [1991-1993], ex-The kinks, ex-Gary Moore), Martin Turner (Vocals, Bass founder member, [1969-1980], [1987-1991], Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash, ex-Empty Vessels, ex-Tanglwood, ex-The Blue Bishops), Jamie Crompton (Guitar [1985-1986], ex-Susie Quatro), Tony Kishman (Vocals, Bass [1995-1997]), Claire Hamill (Vocals [1981], ex-Jon And Vangelis), Trevor Bolder (Bass [1981-1983], Uriah Heep, ex-David Bowie), Mervyn "Spam" Spence (Vocals, Bass [1983-1986], Phenomena, O'RYAN, ex-Trapeze), John Wetton (Vocals, Bass [1981], Asia, ex-Mogul Thrash, ex-Family, ex-King Crimson, ex-Roxy Music, ex-Uriah Heep, ex-UK)



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