J.L. Nokturnal (Drums Rutonkantaja, Medieval Art, Nocturnal Winds, Yearning, Azaghal (FIN), ex-Hin Onde), Narqath (aka Tomi Kalliola) (Vocals, All instruments Rutonkantaja, Finnugor, Azaghal (FIN), ex-Calm (FIN), ex-Decay's Delight, ex-Hin Onde, ex-Necromortum), Chernobog (Drums Kingdom Of Agony, Azaghal (FIN), Rutonkantaja), Kalma (aka Ville Pallonen) (Drums), Niflungr (Bass Kingdom Of Agony, Azaghal (FIN), Black Blessing), Wircki (Guitar, Keyboard Hin Onde, Decay's Delight, Wind (FIN), Varjosielu, Vultyr, Calm (FIN), Svartalfheim (FIN))


Unchained Heathen Wrath since 1998.


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