Kvasir (Bass Profezia, Ancient Supremacy), Domine Saevum Gravem (Guitar Oraculum, ex-Sophus), Ulfhedhnir (Vocals), Samael Von Martin (Bass Death Dies, Satanel, ex-Evol (ITA)), Ahrjin (Drums Xeper (ITA), Tanist, ex-Hell Terrorist), Lord Winter (Drums), Sorath (Keyboard), Damian De Saba (Drums Death Dies, Satanel, ex-Evol (ITA)), Black (Keyboard And Harmony Dies, Pesten, Lux Eternae), Daniel (Keyboard), Rex Tenebrae (Bass Death Dies)


ABHOR was born in 1995, in the north east of Italy, in order to combine the passion for music and the study of Esoteric Arts. Hence this congregation represents a form of global art that embraces musical art, visual art and literal art. The first demotape (In Tuo Honori Preparatum) was printed in 1998. Subsequently the band sent out during the years 7 full lenghts with different labels. Over the years many musicians took part to the project, including members of the compatriots Evol (R.I.P.). Nowadays ABHOR is one of the oldest and best known italian Black Metal band still active. Musically it can be defined as Esoteric Horror Black Metal. ABHOR's music stands for the unmistakable mystical atmosphere which results in a personal and unique trademark. The concepts concern Occultism, Esoterism, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Satanism and Dark Folklore. Gigs has been performed through the years with many bands including Ancient, Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Celestia, Enslaved, Enthroned, Evol, Frostmoon Eclipse, Goatreich666, Handful of Hate, Horna, Mayhem, Mortuary Drape, Nargaroth, , Seth, Taake, Theatres des vampires, Tsjuder and many others.


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