The Vision Ablaze

The Vision Ablaze
Peter Kelkelund (Vocals), Marcus Grønbech (Guitar), Christian Norris (Drums), Brian Porsche (Guitar), Lars Lerager (Bass)

The Vision Ablaze is a Danish act formed in 2010.

The music is an effective force of aggression, melodic passages and that hinted-at tech. The vocals carry great nerve and emotion and ranges from blow-torch screams to mellow and strikingly well sung cleans.

To back the voice the guitars are crushing and progressive without ever loosing the foothold on great song structure. The backbone of The Vision Ablaze, the bass and drums, comply with all the above - while the drums maintain an original feel all the way through, touching upon semi-jazzy elements and off-beat rhythms and blast beats. The Vision Ablaze has recorded with Johan Ă–rnborg (Amon Amarth, Paradise Lost, Sonic Syndicate, Opeth) for their first EP: Nova.

The second EP - Reach for the Stars - was recorded with Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Volbeat, Raunchy and many more)..

Metal from Copenhagen, Denmark