Mad Architect

Mad Architect
Sven Lindsten (Drums), Jorgen Oscarsson (Keyboard), Erik Ferentinos (Bass), Snowy Shaw (Vocals), Magnus Daun (Guitar)


MAD ARCHITECT was brought to life in 2011 on the wicked west coast of Sweden ! Guitarist and founder Magnus Daun got together with drummer Sven Lindsten and the incomparable Snowy Shaw (SABATON, THERION, KING DIAMOND a.o.) on vocals. Their first effort was the Dreamworld-EP, released in 2012, mastered by Goran Finnberg (IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH). Jorgen Oscarsson added to the atmosphere with his sinister keyboards! The music of MAD ARCHITECT has been described as from the spookier side of power metal - on a constant move through darkened universes - shifting between gothic, melodic and slightly extreme settings. Or simply as heavy metal with progressive elements and gothic moods and textures! In 2013 American bassist Erik Ferentinos (STEPHEN PEARCY BAND) joined the band to play on MAD ARCHITECT´s debut album, "JOURNEY TO MADNESS". The album was mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND), for a summer of 2013 release. For the album release in 2013 MAD ARCHITECT signed with Swedish label SUPERTZAR RECORDS.