Pete Aguilar (Bass), Jacques Serrano (Vocals Annihilation, System Of Pain), Joey Genoni (Guitar Annihilation), Henry Moreno (Drums Imagika, Xzanthus), John Perrine (Drums Saint, Sinister Sam), Jason Silva (Bass)

A seminal underground Bay Area thrash band formed in 1992 in San Francisco by vocalist Jacques Serrano and guitarist Joey Genoni, Taunted is a killer Thrash and Speed Metal band, with some Melodic Metal added into the mix.

2012 marked the band’s 20th anniversary; two decades during which Taunted shared the stage with bands long forgotten and legends still around. The recent addition of drummer Larry Howe (Vicious Rumors) much solidified the Taunted line-up, which besides Serrano and Genoni now comprises guitarist Matt Gower (Hollow Point Syndicate) and bassist Elena Repetto (Imagika). “Zero,” their debut album – a best-selling album on CD Baby, which by now has become a classic – propelled them into the international limelight and earned them a coveted spot on the 10th anniversary edition of the Headbanger’s Open Air Festival (2007) in Germany.

A track from “Zero” was also included on the “Heavy Metal Crusade XII” compilation, reaching in excess of 30.000 fans of the genre in the German speaking countries of Europe. Back home, in the US of A, and thanks to their sophomore effort “Bleeding Black” which again received excellent reviews, Taunted stepped up to the next level, touring the South-western States, playing shows in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, and performing at major festivals such as the “Seattle Metal Fest” in Washington, and “Gates Of Metal Open Air” in Texas, and similar events in Ohio, and California..

TAUNTED Discography 2013 - 9 Sins ▪ Released: 25 February 2013 ▪ Label: MAUSOLEUM Records ▪ Format: CD 2009 - Bleeding Black ▪ Released: 15 September 2009 ▪ Label: Vocal Octane Entertainment ▪ Format: CD 2009 - One Demon At A Time - EP ▪ Released: 27 May 2009 ▪ Label: Vocal Octane Entertainment ▪ Format: CD 2006 - Metal Crusade – Vol. XII ▪ Released: 1 June 2006 ▪ Label: HEAVY ▪ Format: CD 2006 - ZERO ▪ Released: 23 January 2006 ▪ Label: Vision Metal Records ▪ Format: CD 2000 - Taunted – EP ▪ Released: June 2000 ▪ Label: Doomed Planet Records ▪Format: 7” Vinyl 1994 - Taunted II ▪ Released: March 1994 ▪ Label: “Blue” demo ▪ Format: CS 1992 - Taunted ▪ Released: March 1992 ▪ Label: “Red” demo ▪ Format: CS

“9 Sins” released Worldwide via MAUSOLEUM Records!