Black Bomb A

Black Bomb A
Snake (Guitar), Arno (Vocals [2002-2007], [2014-?] ex-No Flag), Hervé (Drums Loudblast), Poun (Vocals Monroe Est Morte), Jacou (Bass Ultra Vomit), Shauny Davidson (Vocals [2011-2014] Drive By Audio, ex-Certain Death), Mario (Bass [1999-2004], ex-Days Of Decline, Honesta), Etienne (Bass [2004-2011]), Franck (Drums [1995-2001]), Max (Guitar [1995-1996]), Panks (Bass [1995-1999]), Scalp (Guitar [1999-2008]), Djag (Vocals [1995-2002] [2007-2011], ex-Le Noyau Dur, ex-Sarkazein)



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