Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower
Karl Willetts (Vocals [1988-1994] [since 2004]), Gavin Ward (Guitar [since 1986], founder member), Jo Anne Bench (Bass [since 1987]), Barry Thompson (Guitar [since 1986], founder member, ex-Benediction), Martin Van Drunen (Vocals [1994-1997], Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets, ex-Death By Dawn, ex-Pestilence, ex-Submission (NL)), Alan West (Vocals [1986-1987]), Alex Tweedy (Bass [1986-1987]), Andrew Whale (Drums [1986-1994], ex-Colostomy, ex-Drop Dead (UK), ex-Urban Chaos (UK)), David Ingram (Vocals [1998-2004], Down Among The Dead Men, ex-Benediction, ex-Downlord, ex-Warlord (UK)), Martin Kearns (Drums [1994-1997] [2000-2015]), Alex Thomas (Drums [1997-2000], Earl Shilton, ex-Badly Drawn Boy, ex-Groop Dogdrill)



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