A Pale Horse Named Death

A Pale Horse Named Death
Dave Bizzigotti (Bass [since 2013], Speed Kill Hate, ex-Ripping Corpse), Johnny Kelly (Drums [since 2011] live member, Danzig, Kill Devil Hill, Seven Witches, Seventh Void, ex-Type O Negative, ex-Black Label Society, ex-Earl's Count), Matt Brown (Guitar, Bass [since 2010], ex-Seventh Void), Sal Abruscato (Vocals, Guitar, Drums founder memeber, Life Of Agony, ex-Toximia, ex-Supermassiv, ex-My Mortality, ex-Type O Negative), Bobby Hambel (Guitar [since 2011] live member, Biohazard, ex-White Devil), Eddie Heedles (Guitar [since 2011]), Eric Morgan (Bass [2011-2013], ex-First Order)




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