A Skylit Drive

A Skylit Drive
Brandon Rage (Drums [since 2015], Motionless In White, The Witch Was Right, Imperative Reaction), Michael Labelle (Bass [since 2015], Last Day Within, Preeminent, Of Reverie), Michael "Jag" Jagmin (Vocals [since 2007], Michael Jagmin, ex-Of An Era, ex-Odd Project), Kyle Simmons (Bass, Keyboard [since 2005]), Nick Miller (Guitar [since 2005], WeAreGiant), Curtis Daniger (Bass [2005]), Brian White (Vocals, Bass [2005-2014]), Jeremiah Patterson (Drums [2005]), Joey Wilson (Guitar [2005-2012], WeAreGiant), Craig Mabbitt (Vocals [2007], live member, Escape The Fate, ex-Blessthefall, ex-The Word Alive), Jordan Blake (Vocals [2005-2007], JdgJ, Trances, ex-Watchout Theres Ghosts), Jonny Craig (Vocals [2007], live member, Slaves, ex-Emarosa, Isles And Glaciers, ex-Dance Gavin Dance, ex-Ghost Runner On Third, ex-westerHALTS), Cory La Quay (Vocals, Drums [2005-2014])



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