Steve Young (Guitar [1988] [since 2014]), Brian Johnson (Vocals [since 1980], Geordie), Cliff Williams (Bass, Back Vocals [since 1977], ex-Home, ex-Bandit, ex-Al Stewart), Chris Slade (Drums [1989-1994] [since 2015], Asia, Manfred Man's Earth Band, ex-Tom Jones), Angus Young (Guitar [since 1973], ex-Kentuckee, ex-Tantrum), Axl Rose (Vocals Guns'n'Roses, Live member), Tony Currenti (Drums [1975]), Simon Wright (Drums [1983-1989], Dio, UFO), Peter Clack (Drums [1974], ex-Flake), George Young (Bass [1975]), Neil Smith (Bass [1974], died 07/04/2013 (cancer), ex-Jasper, ex-Rose Tattoo), Dave Evans (Vocals [1973-1974], Rabbit, Thunder Down Under), Russel Coleman (Drums [1974]), Malcolm Young (Guitar, Back Vocals [1973-2014], ex-Velvet Underground (AUS), ex-Jasper), Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott (Vocals [1974-1980], died 19/02/1980, ex-The Spektors, ex-The Valentines, ex-Fraternity), Paul Matters (Bass [1975]), Bruce Howe (Bass [1975]), John Proud (Drums [1974]), Larry Van Kriedt (Bass [1973-1974]), Phil Rudd (Drums [1975-1983] [1994-2015], Buster Brown, Coloured Balls), Colin Burgess (Drums [1973-1974]), Mark Evans (Bass [1975-1977], Heaven), Ron Carpenter (Drums [1974])



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