Didier "Dog" Bouchard (Drums [since 1982], founder member), Philippe "Phil" Grelaud (Vocals [since 1982], founder member), Nicklaus Bergen (Guitar [since 2015]), Julien Rousseau (Bass [since 2013], Fallen Joy), Pascal "Betov" Collobert (Guitar [since 1982], founder member), Claude "Klod" Thill (Bass [2006-2013], ex-Der Kaiser, ex-Shannon), Yves "Louis XV" Malezieux (Guitar [1996-2001], ex-Scherzo, ex-Angel Killer), Frédéric "Deuch" Deuchilly (Bass [1982-2001], founder member), Jean Taxi (Bass [2001], session member), Bernard-Yves "B-Y" Queruel (Guitar [2006-2015], ex-Agressor (FRA), ex-Witches), Hervé "Marquis" Tasson (Guitar [1982-2001], founder member)



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