Hussain Jiffry (Bass), Michael Landau (Guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums), Steve George (Back Vocals), Gregg Bissonette (Drums), Dan Higgins (Saxophone), Jeff Porcaro (Drums), Carlos Vega (Drums), David Diggs (Keyboard), Michael Thompson (Guitar), David Chamberlin (Vocals, Guitar), Doug St John (Vocals), Kristoffer Lagerström (Vocals), John Fluker (Vocals), Tony Franklin (Bass), Frédéric Slama (Guitar, Keyboard founder member), Tommy Denander (Guitar, Keyboard), Richard Page (Back Vocals), Lenny Castro (Percussions), Steve Lukather (Guitar), Peter Hume (Guitar, Keyboard), Tom Saviano (Saxophone), Peter Friestedt (Guitar)



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