Aaron Bugby (Guitar Legend (USA-2)), Tyler Greene (Vocals ex-Aorta Consumption), Navid Naghdi (Drums), Jeff Durfee (Guitar), Stefan Mills (Bass), Graham Millner (Bass ex-Everything Falls Together, ex-Swarm Of The Lotus), Eric Bowie (Drums ex-Letters From Maderia), Joe Coniglio (Guitar), Chris Howe (Guitar ex-Everything Falls Together), Chazz Self (Bass ex-Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus), Richard Mozomanski (Bass), Dan Moody (Guitar ex-Acedia, ex-Letters From Maderia), Ari Simenauer (Guitar), Jason Malhoyt (Bass ex-Acedia, ex-Everything Falls Together, ex-Letters From Maderia, ex-Summer's End), Nelson Alfaro (Drums), Tim Roskie (Guitar)



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