Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships
Angelo Aita (Vocals [since 2006], Sine Of The Lion), Martin Broda (Vocals, Bass, Drums [since 2009], Curses), Melvin Murray (Drums [since 2013]), Kyler Stephen Browne (Guitar [2009-2011] [since 2013]), Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez (Keyboard, Programming [since 2006], Sine Of The Lion), Jordan Gauthier (Drums [2013]), Andrew Paiano (Guitar [2008-2011], ex-Woe, Is Me), Daniel Ciccotelli (Guitar [2011-2013]), Nick Fiorini (Guitar [2007-2008]), Francesco Pallotta (Bass [2006-2009]), Chris Taylor (Drums [2011-2013]), David Stephens (Guitar [2006-2009]), Daniel Paiano (Drums [2009-2011], This Treasure)



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