Abattoir (USA)

Abattoir (USA)
Mark Caro (Guitar ex-Evildead), Danny Anaya (Drums MX Machine), Steve Gaines (Vocals, Bass Bloodlust (USA), Pagan War Machine, Dreams Of Damnation, Anger As Art, Tactics), Mel Sanchez (Guitar ex-Evildead), Mike Torres AKA Towers (Vocals ex-Heretic, Masi), Juan Garcia (Guitar Obscene Gesture, Agent Steel, Evildead, Pontius Prophet, Killing Machine, Terror (USA-2)), Danny Oliverio (Guitar), Robert Wayne (Drums), John Cyriis AKA Max Havlock, Max Kobol (Vocals ex-Agent Steel, Stellar Seed, Pontius Prophet, Black Reign, Sceptre (USA)), Rich Deathcamp (Vocals), Rawl Preston (Vocals), Ron Gonzoles (Drums (1984), Commander (USA)), Kevin McShane (Drums)



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