Ablaze My Sorrow

Ablaze My Sorrow
Magnus Carlsson (Guitar Altar (SWE)), Kristian Lönnsjö (Vocals Deification (SWE), Zahrim (SWE)), Anders Brorsson (Bass Deification (SWE), ex-The Ancient's Rebirth), Dennie Linden (Guitar), Alex Bengtsson (Drums), Fredrik Arnesson (Vocals [1997-1999], Cromlech (SWE)), Fredrik Wenzel (Drums [1993]), Martin Qvist (Vocals, Guitar [1993-1997] [2000-2001], Deification (SWE), Fall From Grace (SWE), Immemoreal, The Ancient's Rebirth), Roger Johansson (Guitar [1995-1996]), Anders Lundin (Guitar [1998-1999], Cromlech (SWE))



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