Ezezu (Vocals, Bass [since 2008]), Russley Randell Givens (aka Proscriptor McGovern) (Vocals, Drums, Keyboard, Percussions, Mellotron [since 1992]), Vis Crom (Guitar, Keyboard [since 2009]), Zawicizuz (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard [2007-2009], Pillage, ex-Rape), Aethyris McKay (Guitar, Keyboard [2007-2010]), Kashshapxu (Guitar [2001-2003]), Daviel Athron Mystica (Guitar [1992-1993]), Equitant Ifernain (Guitar, Bass [1991-2002]), Danny Benbow (Drums, Keyboard [1991-1992]), Black Massith (Keyboard, Programming [1992-1993]), Gary Lindholm (Guitar [1991-1992]), Michael Shaftiel (Vocals, Guitar [1991-2003]), Chris Gamble (aka Mezzadurus) (Vocals, Bass [1995-2002], live member, ex-Goreaphobia), Vastator Terrarum (Guitar, Back Vocals [2007-2008])



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