Abused Majesty

Abused Majesty
Maar (Vocals, Guitar [2002-2005] [since 2014], Hermh, Via Mistica, ex-In Extremis, ex-Stygmat), Socaris (Guitar [1998-2005] [since 2014], Hermh), Ghaez (Vocals, Keyboard [1999-2005] [since 2014], ex-Calm Hatchery, ex-Via Mistica, ex-Apokatastasis), Hal (Vocals, Bass [since 2001], Evil Machine, Vader, Hermh, ex-Dead Infection, ex-Diseased, ex-Via Mistica, ex-Stygmat), Żuber (Drums [since 2014], Cinis, Hermh, ex-Entropia), Yanuary (Guitar [2008-2009], Crionics, Thy Disease, Anal Stench, ex-Sane), Zyzio (Vocals [2001-2002], The Growling Stones, ex-Bloodpaint, ex-Calm Hatchery, ex-Heuresis), Kojot (Bass [2000-2001]), Łukasz (Guitar [1998-2002], Pyorrhoea, ex-Sphere), Sławek (Bass [1999]), Dracula (Bass [1999-2000], Via Mistica), Khopik (Vocals [1998-1999], Heuresis, ex-Disembowelled Christ, ex-Stormer), Rob-D (Guitar [2005-2008], ex-Cinis, ex-Cinerarium, ex-Changer), Vac-V (Keyboard live member, ex-Crionics, ex-Wizard), Ilya (Guitar [2009-2011], Deathrone), Wierzba (Bass [1998-1999]), Icanraz (Drums [1998-2010], Devilish Impressions, Pigface Beauty, ex-Christ Agony, ex-Hermh, ex-Naumachia, ex-Via Mistica), Bielem (Guitar live member, Altercated, Cinis, Sinful Souls), P. (Vocals, Guitar [2009-2011], The Dead Goats, Deathrone), Flumen (Keyboard live member, Asgaard, Esotherisst, ex-Serpentia, ex-Dominium)



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