Frank Kimpel (Bass [since 2008], ex-Scartribe), Oliver "Olli" Fechner (Drums [since 2002], ex-Panacea, ex-Scartribe), Frank Thoms (Vocals, Guitar [1986-1996] [since 2002], ex-Breaker (GER), ex-Expect No Mercy, ex-Scartribe), Uwe Schmidt (Guitar [2002-2003] [since 2011], ex-Panacea), René Schütz (Guitar [1987-1990] [2002-2011], Act Of Creation, Face Down Hero, ex-Scartribe, ex-Thunderbolt (GER)), Thomas Kircher (Bass [1986], ex-Breaker (GER)), Eberhard Weyel (Vocals, Bass [1986-1991], ex-Breaker (GER)), Guido Venzlaff (Bass [1993-1995]), Milan Peschel (Guitar [1991-1992], A Dead Lament), Volker Borchert (Drums [1986-1995], ex-Breaker (GER), ex-Die Krupps)



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