Acid Witch

Acid Witch
Mike "Magic" Tuff (Guitar [since 2010] Failed, Harbinger, Nuke, Temple of Void, ex-Borrowed Time), Shagrat (Vocals, Bass [since 2007] Reaper, Shitfucker), Slasher Dave (Vocals, Keyboard [since 2007] Horrific, ex-Skincrawler), Chaz (aka Motor City) (Drums [since 2010] Reaper, Shitfucker), Lasse Pyykkö (Guitar [2007-2009] Claws, Hooded Menace, Ruinebell, Phlegethon, Vacant Coffin, ex-Shrouded, ex-Swarming, ex-The Skeletal, ex-Sarnath,)



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