Tim Fluckey (Vocals, Guitar [since 1999], ex-Sexart), Chris DeLeon (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2013], live member), Dave Deroo (Vocals, Back Vocals [since 1999], ex-Juice, ex-Sexart), Kris Kohls (Drums [since 1999], ex-Sexart, ex-Videodrone), Marc DeLeon (Guitar [2011-2013]), Luke Caraccioli (Vocals [2005]), Mark Chavez (Vocals [1999-2004] [2009-2011], ex-Midnight Panic), Bobby Reeves (Vocals [2006-2009], ex-Level), Mike Ransom (Guitar [1999-2003] [2009-2011], ex-Midnight Panic), Ed Faris (Guitar, Keyboard [2006-2009])



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