Aeon (SWE)

Aeon (SWE)
Zeb Nilsson (Guitar [since 1999], ex-Defaced Creation, ex-Unorthodox, ex-Diabolicum), Tommy Dahlström (Vocals [since 1999], ex-Defaced Creation, ex-Imperial, ex-Unorthodox, ex-Diabolicum), Emil Wiksten (Drums [since 2013], Fetus Stench, ex-Blood Red Throne, ex-Slaughterous), Tony Östman (Bass [since 2013], ex-Zophrenia), Johan Hjelm (Bass [1999-2005], ex-Defaced Creation), Marcus Edvardsson (Bass [2010-2013], Endless Torture, Sanctification, Souldrainer, ex-Chastisement), Morgan Nordbakk (Guitar [1999-2001]), Max Carlberg (Bass [2005-2009], ex-Defaced Creation), Arttu Malkki (Drums [1999-2002] [2010-2013], Sanctification, The Equinox Ov The Gods, ex-Defaced Creation, ex-Diabolicum, ex-Souldrainer), Nils Fjellström (Drums [2002-2010], ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Sanctification), Daniel Dlimi (Guitar [2001-2013], ex-Divine Desecration, ex-Sanctification, ex-Souldrainer, ex-The Equinox Ov The Gods, ex-In Battle (live)), Ronnie Björnström (Bass [2014-2015], Defiatory, Taedeat, ex-Bone Gnawer, ex-Ribspreader)



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