After Forever

After Forever
Luuk Van Gerven (Bass [since 1995], Ex Libris, Xystus, Cardamon), Joost Van Den Broek (Keyboard [since 2004], Sun Caged, The Supremacy, Sphere Of Souls), Bas Maas (Guitar [since 2002]), Sander Gommans (Vocals, Guitar [since 1995], founder member, Hate Death Kill, ex-Mayan), Floor Jansen (Vocals [since 1997], Nightwish, ReVamp), André Borgman (Drums [since 2000]), Jack Driessen (Keyboard [1995-2000]), Joep Beckers (Drums [1995-2000], Engine Of Pain, ex-Triple 7), Lando van Gils (Keyboard [2000-2004]), Mark Jansen (Vocals, Guitar [1995-2002], founder member, Epica, Sahara Dust, Mayan)



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