Nils Laureys (Vocals, Drums [since 2007], ex-Tapetum Lucidum, ex-Kilte), Jan Frederickx (Vocals, Guitar, Bass [since 1987], [1991, 2007-2012], [1990-2007, since 2012], Jan AG, Farenheit AGX, Jan AG and the Gajna, ex-Hellsaw (BEL)), Koen (Guitar [since 2012]), Jakke (Guitar, Bass [1987-1989], [1989-1990]), Chris (Guitar [1991-1992]), Ronny (Bass [1987-1989]), Tony Schepkens (Bass [2007-2008], ex-Permeanent Death, died 01/08/2008), Bram Criekemans (Bass [2008-2002], ex-Tapetum Lucidum), Erwin Vandenbergh (Vocals, Drums [1987-1990], ex-Hellsaw (BEL)), Roel Tulleneers (Drums [2002-2007], ex-Sick Sad World), Matty Dupont (Guitar [1995-1998], Emeth, ex-Aborted), Steve (Vocals, Guitar [1992-1995]), Guy (Guitar [1989-1990]), Dirk (Bass [1991-1992]), Burt Beyens (Drums [1990-2002], ex-Insanity Reigns Supreme), Domingo Smets (Guitar [1990-1991], Persephone's Blade, Ancient Rites, Red Nucleus, ex-Gracefallen, ex-Renaissance), Vince (Bass [1997-1998]), Dirk (Vocals, Guitar [1998-2007]), Tuur (Vocals [1991], live member, died 1996)



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