Agent Steel

Agent Steel
Robert Cardenas (Bass [since 2007], Entety, Engrave (USA), Coffin Texts, Diabolic, Possessed), Rigo Amezcua (Drums [since 2001], Terror), Bernie Versailles (Guitar [1985-1987] [since 1998], Redemption, Engine), John Cyrils (aka Max Havlock, aka Max Kobol, aka John Camps) (Vocals [1984-1988] [Since 2010], Stellar Seed, Black Reign, Pontius Prophet, Sceptre, Lemegeton, ex-Abattoir), Juan Garcia (Guitar [1984-1987] [since 1998], Pontius Prophet, Terror, ex-Abattoir, ex-Evildead), Sill Simmons (Guitar [1984]), Chuck Profus (Drums [1984-1988] [1998-2001]), James Murphy (Guitar [1987-1988], Disincarnate, Death, Obituary, Cancer, Testament, Konkhra, Explorers Club, Crotchduster), Jay Weslord (Guitar [1987-1988]), Richard Bateman (Bass [1987-1988], Purgatory, Lowbrow, Nasty Savage, After Death (USA), Gardy-Loo, Nocturnus, Unearthed), Michael Zaputil (Bass [1986-1987] [1998-1999]), George Robb (Bass [1984-1986], Détente, LSN, Obscene Gesture), Karlos Medina (Bass [1999-2007], Terror, ex-Evildead), Kurt Kilfelt (aka Kurt Colfelt) (Guitar [1984-1985], Holy Terror), Vince Dennis (Bass [1999], session member), Bruce Hall (Vocals [1998-2010], Steel Prophet), Tim Thomas (Guitar [2005], live member, Steel Prophet, New Eden, Abattoir (USA)), Mark Marshall (Guitar [1984], Savage Grace)




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