Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front
Vinnie Stigma (aka Vincent Cappucchio) (Guitar [1982-1992] [since 1997], founder member, Stigma, ex-Madball, ex-The Attack, ex-The Eliminators), Pokey Mo (Drums [since 2009], Leeway, ex-Both Worlds, ex-Cro-Mag, ex-Murphys Law), Rogelio J. "Roger Miret" Miret-Gonzalez (Vocals [1982-1992] [since 1997], Roger Miret And The Disasters, ex-Madball, ex-The Psychos), Mike Gallo (Bass [since 2001], Roger Miret And The Disasters, Stigma), Craig Silverman (Guitar [Since 2014] ex-Only Living Witness, Blood For Blood, Ramallah, Slapshot), Steve Martin (Guitar [1987-1989]), Adam Moochie (Bass [1982-1983]), Craig Setari (Bass [1989-1992], Sick Of It All, Youth Of Today, Cro-Mags, Creep Division, Straight Ahead, Rest In Pieces, NYC Mayhem), Steve Gallo (Drums [2003-2009]), Robbie Cryptcrash (Drums [1982]), Will Shepler (Drums [1987-1992], Madball), Alan Goidel (Trombone), Lenny Di Sclafani (Guitar), Jimmy "The Mad Russian" (Vocals [1982]), Rob Kabula (Vocals, Bass [1982] [1984-1986] [1997-2001], Cause For Alarm), Dave Jones (Drums [1984-1985]), Alex Kinon (Guitar [1986]), Matt Henderson (Guitar [1992], Madball), Todd Youth (Guitar [1983]), Gordon Ancis (Guitar), Freddie "Madball" Cricien (Vocals Live Member, Madball, Freddie Madball, Hazen Street), Raymond James "Raybeez" Barbieri (Drums [1983-1984], died 11/09/1997 (pneumonia), ex-Warzone), Jimmy Colletti (Drums [1984] [1997-2003]), Louie Beatto (aka Louie Bateaux) (Drums [1986], Carnivore), Alan Peters (Bass [1987]), Joseph James (Guitar, Back Vocals [2009-2014]), Jamey Jasta (Vocals Hatebreed, Icepick, Roadrunner United, Jasta, Kingdom Of Sorrow)



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