Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunderpussy
Erik Larson (Guitar The Mighty Nimbus, Kilara, Axehandle, Avail, Birds of Prey, King Travolta, Parasytic, HailHornet, Morne), Ryan Lake (Guitar Axehandle, Brown Sabbath), Mikey Bryant (Bass), Bryan Cox (Drums Pitts Vs. Preps, Axehandle, ex-Kilara, ex-Suzukiton), Bongo Tunnel (Bass), Asechiah Bogdan (Guitar Windhand), John Peters (Bass Killing Cycle), Johnny Throckmorton (Vocals Immortal Avenger), Johnny Weils (Vocals Barbed Wire Dolls), Kyle Thomas (Vocals Floodgate, Exhorder, Pitts Vs. Preps, Trouble, Drip)


'Open Fire' available now via Relapse Records! Purchase at the Relapse Store: iTunes:


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