Dennis Lee (Vocals [since 2004]), Jake Campbell (Guitar, Back Vocals [2008-2010] [since 2012], ex-Twelve Gauge Valentine, ex-Anam Cara), Shane Crump (Bass [2007-2008] [since 2008], ex-Your Name In Vain), Shawn Milke (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard [since 2004], Tempting Paris, Wake Me Up Juliet), Jeremy Bryan (Drums [since 2005]), Patrick "Peezee" Thompson (Guitar [since 2004]), Adam "Huckleberry" Ferguson (Vocals, Guitar [2005-2008], At His Right Hand), Daniel Magnuson (Drums [2004-2005], An Autumn Surrender, ex-Left On Cates), Alex Torres (Guitar, Back Vocals [2010-2012] Dead Rabbitts, ex-Eyes Set To Kill, ex-Greeley Estates), Steven Tomany (Bass [2004-2007], ex-We Were Gentlemen), Will Anderson (Drums [2005], At His Right Hand, ex-Harbor View)



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