Altar of Oblivion

Altar of Oblivion
Allan B. Larsen (Guitar ex-Church Bizarre, ex-Dwell, ex-Lords of Triumph, ex-Cerekloth, ex-The Vein), Mik Mentor (Vocals), Thomas Wesley-Antonsen (Drums ex-Broadmoor, ex-Lords of Triumph, ex-The Vein), Christian Nørgaard (Bass Forlis, Lords of Triumph, Sick Room 7, Victimizer, ex-Cerekloth, ex-Church Bizarre, ex-The Vein, ex-Vornoff), Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath (Guitar, Keyboard Lords of Triumph, ex-The Vein, ex-Victimizer), Lars Strøm (Guitar, Drums, Mellotron)

ALTAR OF OBLIVION were formed in 2005 and play epic Doom Metal.

The Band captures the Spirit and Atmosphere of this underrated Genre in a compelling and credible Manner. Like skeletons walking a burning tightrope, this Danish act perfectly holds and strikes a balance between the grandiosity of classical, the down-tuned heaviness of 70s doom rock/metal, the tuneful catchiness of 80s pop music plus the pace and majestic melodies of 80s heavy metal. On behalf of Altar of Oblivion, I encourage the listener to dive into the sinister soundscapes created by this vigorous quintet to experience an atmospheric and melancholic display of grand euphony. Many greetings, Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath.


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