Am I Blood

Am I Blood
Tomi Luoma (Guitar [since 2008]), Jeanne Kerminen (Vocals [since 1997], ex-St. Mucus), Toni Grönroos (aka Tony) (Bass [since 1997], ex-St. Mucus, Divine Decay), Mickey Tanttu (Drums [since 2008]), Max Karling (Guitar [2005-2006]), Gary Reini (Drums), Pexi Cornera (Guitar), Pekka Kulmala (Guitar [1997-2002], ex-St. Mucus), Jani Stefanovic (Guitar Essence Of Sorrow, Sins Of Omission, Miseration, DivineFire, Mehida, ex-Templar (AUS), ex-Hilastherion, ex-Renascent, ex-Crimson Moonlight), Pekka Sauvolainen (aka Malakias I) (Drums [1998-1999] [since 2005], Pestigore, ex-Ajattara), Sauli Sumolainen (Drums [1997-2002], ex-St. Mucus), Marko Leiviskä (Guitar ex-Stillburned, ex-Final Dawn (FIN), ex-The RMS), Ilves (Guitar [2005-2013], died in 2013, ex-Stillburned), Hans Lanblade (Guitar [1999-2002])



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