Lana Lane (Back Vocals [since 2001], Erik Norlander), Walter Latupeirissa (Bass [since 2001], Snowy White), Stephen Van Haestregt (Drums, Percussions [since 2001], Within Temptation), Erik Norlander (Keyboard [since 2001], Delany), Astrid Van Der Veen (Vocals [since 2001], The Endorphins, Stone In Egypt), Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Guitar, Keyboard, Programming [since 2001], Ian Parry, Freak Neil Inc., Ayreon, Star One, ex-Stream Of Passion, ex-Vengeance, ex-Galexia, ex-Bodine), John McManus (??? [since 2001], Celtus, ex-Mama's Boys), Pat McManus (Violin [since 2001], Celtus, ex-Mama's Boys)



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