Chris Miller (aka Stig) (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 1978], Zygote (UK), Karnyx), Rob Miller (aka The Baron) (Vocals, Bass [since 1978]Tau Cross), Roy Mayorga (Drums, Keyboard [since 2008], ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Nausea (USA), Stone Sour), George (Keyboard [1984-1987], Zygote (UK), Smartpils), Norman (Keyboard [1981-1984]), Martin (Drums [1981]), Clive (Bass [1979]), A. Droid (Keyboard [1984-1987]), Ric Gadsby (Bass [1978-1979]), Virus (Drums [1981-1985], Disorder), Jenghiz (Keyboard [1984]), Spider (Drums [1985-1987], Zygote (UK), Muckspreader)


This is an Official Amebix site for fans of the band AMEBIX and associated projects,managed by The Baron.archived materials,news and exclusive content.


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