Hugo Fuenzalida (aka H.O. Thoth) (Drums [since 2005], Bruma, Kratherion, Denying Nazarene, ex-Teofobia, ex-Gneneshen, ex-Sheolgeenna), Italo Antonelli (aka Lladkuduamn) (Guitar [since 2005], Kratherion, Teofobia, ex-Gneneshen), Count Czar Yang (Vocals, Keyboard [since 1991], founder member), Vilu (Guitar [since 2005], Kratherion, Senderos Del Mal, ex-Gneneshen), Tom Evil Hill (Bass [since 2005], Teofobia), J. Slayer (Back Vocals), Okay Chau (Drums [1991-2005], Gorhoth, ex-Teofobia), Deathmessiah (Vocals Ordalias, Chainsaw (Chl), ex-Ejecutor), Necrohell (Drums session member, Force Of Darkness)



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