Shardik (Drums Krater (GER), Nachtfalke), Ecthelion (Vocals Persecution (GER), Isenburg), Adversarius (Keyboard ex-Vilkates, ex-Incinerator), Count Damien Nightsky (Guitar), Arcadius (Guitar), Tino Mothes (aka Occulta Mors) (Bass Ravenclaw (GER), Nachtfalke, ex-Moonblood, ex-Nargaroth), Lord Asmoday (Drums), Verun (Drums Infernal Regency, ex-Incinerator), Black Abyss (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Eminenz), Obnox (Guitar ex-Syncrasia, ex-Gorefield), Lord Asgaqlun (Guitar Vilkates, Caedes (GER), Camulos)

Discography (Full-Length) 1997 - Die Rückkehr der dunklen Krieger 1999 - Sword of Revenge 2000 - Quest of Deliverance 2005 - ...of Old Wisdom 2008 - Iron Way 2010 - Warlord.

Heathen Metal from the Oremountains/Germany


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