Angel (USA)

Angel (USA)
Steve Blaze (Guitar, Back Vocals Lillian Axe, Near Life Experience), Michael T. Ross (Keyboard), Randy Gregg (Bass), Barry Brandt (Drums), Frank Dimino (Vocals, Keyboard), Punky Meadows (Guitar [1975-1999]), Felix Robinson (Bass), Mickey Jones (Bass [1975-1977], Havana Black), Ruday Sarzo (Bass Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Driver, Whitesnake), Gordon G.G. Gebert (Keyboard [1999-2002]), Leo Borrero (Bass [1999], In the Beginning), David Dellarosa (Guitar [1999], In The Beginning), Richard Marcello (Guitar, Keyboard), Gregg Giuffria (Keyboard [1975-1992], David Glen Eisley, Keel, House Of Lords, Giuffria)



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