Angel City

Angel City
Nick Norton (Drums [since 2011]), Dave Gleeson (Vocals [since 2011]), Rick Brewster (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard [since 1970], founder member), Sam Brewster (Bass [since 2014]), John Brewster (Guitar, Back Vocals, Harmonica [1970-1985] [since 1993], founder member), Bob Spencer (Guitar, Back Vocals [1985-1992]), Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup (Drums, Back Vocals [1976-1981] [2001-2011]), Peter Christopolous (aka Charlie King) (Drums [1975-1976]), Brent Eccles (Drums [1981-2001]), Chris Bailey (Bass [1977-1982] [2001-2012], died 4/4/2013), Doc Neeson (Vocals died 04/06/2014 (brain tumor), [1971-2011]), Jim Hilbun (Vocals, Bass, Keyboard, Saxophone [1982-1989] [2001]), James Morley (Bass, Back Vocals [1990-1992]), Murray Burns (Keyboard)



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