Angel Dust (GER)

Angel Dust (GER)
Dirk Assmuth (Drums [1984-1988] [1997-2000] [since 2002]), Steven Banx Bankowski (Keyboard), Bernd Aufermann (Guitar [1997-2001] [since 2004], Running Wild), Dirk Thurisch (Vocals [1997-2005] [since 2010], Mercury Tide), Christian Pohlmann (Bass), Andreas Lohrum (Guitar [1984-1987]), Frank "Banx" Bankowski (Bass [1984-1988] [1997-2003], Crows, CounterClockwise, Monestery Brew), Ritchie Wilkison (Guitar Silencer (USA), Demons And Wizards), Roman "Romme" Keymer (Guitar [1984-1987], Crows, Risk, Centaur (GER)), Carsten Kaiser (Vocals Everflow (GER))



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