Anima Damnata

Anima Damnata
Master of Depraved Dreaming (aka Necrolucas) (Drums Mord (NOR), ex-Hell-Born, ex-Shemhamforash), Necrosadistic Pavulon Injector (Bass), Necrosodomic Corpse Molestator (Vocals, Guitar Thunderbolt (PL), Throneum), Jan "Lupus" Czerniawski (aka Nocturnal Harvester) (Bass ex-Disarm (PL)), Glaca (Vocals ex-Necrophil), Bestial Crusher of Holy Prophets (Guitar)

ANIMA DAMNATA was formed towards the end of 1996 as the embodiment of blasphemous scorn to christianity and society's moral laws.

Since the beginning the band glorifies perverse debauchery through the most extreme musical expression..


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