Annotations Of An Autopsy

Annotations Of An Autopsy
Neil Hayward (Drums), Sean Mason (Guitar), Donovan Jones (Guitar), Nath Applegate (Bass), Steve Regan (Vocals Humanexcretor, Vileape, ex-These Bloody Hands), Brad Merry (Drums Dãm (UK-2), ex-Trench Head), Dan Hasselgoff (Drums), Ross Davey (Bass ex-Viatrophy), Jamie Sweeney (Guitar Irony of Christ, Trifixion, Viscera, ex-Ditchcreeper), Sam Dawkins (Guitar), Sean Hynes (Bass Ingested, ex-Crepitation, ex-Decrepit Womb), Matt (Bass), Al Clayton (Guitar), Lyn Jeffs (Drums Ingested, Nexus Inferis, ex-Asphyxiated, ex-Crepitation, ex-Dark Earth (UK), ex-Decapity, ex-Trephined)


AOAA IS DEAD - 2006 - 2013


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