Servus (Guitar Deathcode Of The Abyss), Set (Guitar Aosoth, ex-Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, ex-Aes Dana), Hervé "Mkm" Queyroix (Vocals Tenebrare, Nachtmystium, Aosoth, ex-Temple Of Baal, ex-Haceldama (FRA)), Thurim (Guitar session member, Tenebrare), FK. v (Drums), Storm (Drums ex-Arkhon Infaustus, ex-Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, ex-Aes Dana), Thorgon (Guitar Eternal Majesty, Aosoth), Nash (Keyboard), Fleshkult (Drums [2006], live member, Horrid Flesh), Greg "Antaeus" Piat (Vocals, Guitar session member), Kheer (Bass), Sagoth (Bass Eternal Majesty, Aosoth, ex-Ancestral Fog, ex-Reverence), Dark Priest (Bass), ZVN (Drums Necroblaspheme), O. Verron (aka Amduscias) (Guitar Bael (FRA), Temple Of Baal, ex-Bran Barr, ex-Banished Spirits), LSK (Bass died 24/10//2013, Hell Militia, Vorkreist, ex-Love Lies Bleeding, ex-Corpus Christii)

Discography: Y.A.T.B.O.T.M.

Demo, 1995 Supremacist Dawn Demo, 1996 Eternal Majesty / Antaeus Split, 1998 [ Promo'98 Demo, 1998 Rekordin 2000-1 EP, 1999 Nihil Khaos - live '99 Live album, 1999 Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan Full-length, 2000 Reverse Voices of the Dead Split, 2001 SPK Kommando Split, 2001 Aosoth / Antaeus Split, 2002 Satanik Audio Violence Live album, 2002 De Principii Evangelikum Full-length, 2002 Antaeus / Krieg Split, 2003 Rot EP, 2004 From the Entrails to the Dirt Split, 2005 Blood Libels Full-length, 2006 Antaeus/Katharsis Split, 2009 .

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Everything great is built upon Sorrow.


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