Charlie Benante (Drums, Back Vocals [since 1983], Stormtroopers Of Death), Scott Ian Rosenfeld (aka Not) (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 1981], Stormtroopers Of Death, Damnocracy, The Damned Things), Joey Belladonna (Vocals [1984-1992] [2005-2007] [since 2010]), Frank Bello (Bass [1984-2004] [since 2005]), Jonathan Donais (Guitar [since 2013], Shadows Fall, ex-Aftershock), Joey Vera (Bass [2004-2005], live member), Dirk Kennedy (Vocals [1981], ex-Hittman), Dan Spitz (Guitar [1983-1995] [2005-2007]), Dan Lilker (Guitar, Bass [1981-1984], Brutal Truth, ex-Nuclear Assault, ex-Stormtroopers Of Death), Greg Walls (Guitar [1981-1982]), John Bush (Vocals [1992-2005], Armored Saint), Jason Bittner (Drums live member), Dave "The Snake" Sabo (Guitar [2000], Skid Row), Dan Nelson (Vocals [2007-2009]), John Connelly (Vocals [1981], Nuclear Assault), Neil Turbin (Vocals [1982-1984], Deathriders), Greg D'Angelo (Drums [1981-1983], ex-White Lion), Jason Rosenfeld (Vocals [1981]), Dave Weiss (Drums [1981]), Paul Crook (Guitar [1995-2000]), Rob Caggiano (Guitar [2001-2005] [2007-2013], Volbeat, The Damned Things), Paul Kahn (Bass [1981]), Kenny Kushner (Guitar [1981]), Matt Fallon (Vocals [1984], session member)

The hardest ever..



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