Anti Cimex

Anti Cimex
Tomas Jonsson (Vocals [since 1982], Wolfpack, Moment Maniacs, Shitlickers), Cliff Lundberg (Guitar [since 1990], Driller Killer, Perukers, Moderat Likvidation, Black Uniforms), Lefty (Bass [since 1991], Driller Killer, Perukers, Black Uniforms), Charlie Claeson (Bass, Drums [since 1981], Troublemakers, Driller Killer, Not Enough Hate, Psychotic Youth), Nils Nillen Andersson (Vocals [1981-1982], DNA), Patrik Granath (Drums [1985], Giftgasattack), Jean-Louis Huhta (Percussions [1984-1987], Brommage Dub, Cortex, Disko 3000, Lucky People Center, Ocsid, The Skull Defekts, The Stone Funkers), Bonni Bonta Pontén (Vocals, Guitar [1981], Asta Kask), Sixten Andersson (Bass [1984-1985]), Joakim Joker Pettersson (Guitar [1981-1986]), Cutting (Bass [1982-1983])



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