BST (aka Balrog) (All instruments [since 2006], Balrog (FRA), Genital Grinder (FRA), VI, ex-Aborted, The Order Of Apollyon, ex-Garwall, ex-Maleficentia), Mkm (aka Magus Kaiser Munkir) (Vocals [since 2002], Tragos Adein, Tenebrare, Antaeus, ex-Temple Of Baal, ex-Deviant (FRA), ex-Garwall, ex-Nachtmystium), INRVI (Bass [2008-2009] [since 2010], Deus Despectum, VI), Saroth (Guitar [since 2011], live member, Cruxifiction, Valhôll), E. (Bass live member, Balrog (FRA)), Sagoth (Bass [2002], Eternal Majesty, ex-Antaeus, ex-Ancestral Fog, ex-Reverence), Seth (Guitar [2002], Antaeus, ex-Aes Dana, ex-Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition), Thorgon (Drums [2002], Eternal Majesty, ex-Antaeus, ex-Deviant (FRA)), Blastum (Drums [2009], Ingens, Merrimack, Purge, Ritualization, VI, ex-Chaos)

2002 til death..

PROMO CONTACTS : Bartek @ Agonia ( 616


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