Arkona (PL)

Arkona (PL)
Triumphator (Guitar Infernal War, Thunderbolt (PL)), Khorzon (Guitar Mussorgski), Tzargath (Drums Sociopathy), Armagog (Vocals, Bass Call Ov Unearthly, Taran, ex-Diabolicon, ex-Embrional, ex-Enclave, ex-Exhalation, ex-Mystes, ex-Throneum, ex-Vociferous), Darkside (Drums), Hexen (Drums Arathyr, Hate (PL), Chaosphere (PL), Damned, Sunwheel, Arren, Opus Nocturne), Messiah (Vocals Mussorgski), Namtar (Drums Furia (PL), Massemord (PL), Quintessence Of Hate, Niphates), Pitzer (Guitar), Witchlord (Drums), Conqueror (Bass Veles, Inferno (CZ)), Sylvian (Drums), Lewy (Keyboard Mussorgski, Oppressor (PL), ex-Baphomet's Throne (PL)), Nuclear (Vocals)


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