As I Lay Dying (USA)

As I Lay Dying (USA)
Jordan Mancino (Drums [since 2000], ex-Edge Of Morality), Phil Sgrosso (Guitar [since 2003], Saber Tooth, Double Whammy, ex-Tomra, Wovenwar), Nick Hipa (Guitar [since 2004], Double Whammy, Master Originator, ex-Evelynn), Josh Gilbert (Vocals, Bass [since 2007], ex-All In), Tim Lambesis (Vocals [since 2000], founder member, Austrian Death Machine, Pyrithion, ex-Society's Finest), Brandon Hays (Bass [2002-2003], live member), Jasun Krebs (Guitar [2003]), Evan White (Guitar [2001-2003]), Justin Foley (Drums [2009], live member, Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed), Aaron Kennedy (Bass [2003]), Chad Ackerman (Guitar [2002], live member, Count Your Curses, Chapter 14, Destroy The Runner, Austrian Death Machine), David Arthur (Vocals session member), Aaron Newberry (Bass [2007], live member), Brandon Young (Drums session member), Chris Lindstrom (Guitar [2003-2004], live member), Tommy Garcia (Guitar [2002-2003]), Johnny Upton (Drums), Clint Norris (Vocals, Bass [2003-2006], ex-Fontane), Noah Chase (Bass [2001])



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