Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria
Ben Bruce (Guitar, Back Vocals, Programming [since 2003], Ben Bruce), Cameron Liddell (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2008]), Denis Shaforostov (Vocals [since 2015], ex-Down And Dirty, ex-Make Me Famous), Sam Bettley (Bass [since 2009]), James Cassells (Drums [since 2008]), Joe Lancaster (Bass [2008-2009], With One Last Breath), Robin Everett (Guitar [2003-2008]), Ryan Binns (Keyboard, Programming, Synthesizers [2008]), Danny Worsnop (Vocals, Keyboard, Programming [2008-2015], We Are Harlot, Danny Worsnop), Hitesh Gandhi (Drums [2003-2008]), Lucas Brown (Bass [2003-2008]), James Murray (Vocals [2003-2008])



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