Astarte (GRC)

Astarte (GRC)
Maria Kolokouri (aka Tristessa, aka Lady Lilith) (Vocals, Bass [since 1995], died 10/08/2014 (leukemia), Insected, ex-Vorphalack), Lycon (Guitar, Bass session member), Ice (Drums [since 2003], session member), Derketa (Keyboard [since 2008]), Iraklis (Drums session member), Psychoslaughter (aka Aithir) (Drums [1998-2002], session member, The Shadow Order, ex-Ichor (GRC), ex-Kaiadas, ex-Legion Of Doom (GRC), ex-Naer Mataron, ex-Gauntlet's Sword), Stelios Darakis (Drums Mortal Torment (GRC)), Stelios Mavromitis (Guitar), Kinthia (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard [1997-2003]), Katharsis (Keyboard [2004-2006]), Nicolas Sic Maiis (Vocals Insected), Ivar (Drums session member), Nemesis (Guitar, Keyboard [1997-2003])




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