At The Gates

At The Gates
Adrian Erlandsson (Drums [1990-1996] [since 2008], Tenet, Brujeria, Code, Nemhain, HEAL, Decameron, ex-Cradle Of Filth, ex-Ape, ex-Terror (SWE), ex-The Haunted), Jonas Björler (Bass [1990-1996] [since 2008], The Haunted, Infestation (SWE), Demolition, ex-Terror (SWE)), Anders Björler (Guitar [1990-1996] [since 2008], Akani, Infestation (SWE), Liers In Wait, ex-Terror (SWE), ex-The Haunted), Martin Larsson (Guitar [1993-1996] [since 2008], Agrimonia, ex-House Of Usher), Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg (Vocals [1990-1996], Infestation (SWE), Ben-Hur, Conquest, Disfear, Hide, ex-Skitsys, ex-Grotesque (SWE), ex-Nightrage, ex-The Crown, ex-Lock Up), Jesper Jarold (Violin [1991-1992]), Tony Andersson (Bass [1992], live member), Alf Svensson (Guitar [1990-1993], Oxiplegatz, Liers In Wait, Grotesque (SWE), Oral (SWE))

Death Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden - Formed in 1990.


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