Attack Attack (USA)

Attack Attack (USA)
Phil Druyor (Vocals [since 2012], I Am Abomination, Nativ), Tyler Sapp (Bass [since 2012], Nativ), Andrew Wetzel (Drums [since 2005], founder member, Nativ), Sean Dell (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2013], ex-In Fear And Faith), Andrew Whiting (Guitar [since 2005], founder member, Nativ), Ricky Lortz (Guitar [2005-2007], founder member), John Holgado (Bass, Back Vocals [2007-2012]), Austin Carlile (Vocals [2005-2008], founder member, Of Mice And Men), Nick Barham (Vocals [2008-2009], Addictions, ex-For All We Know), Justin Hieser (Guitar, Back Vocals [2011], live member, The Color Morale), Jay Miller (Vocals [2013], live member, Laguna Sunrise), Sean Mackowski (Vocals, Guitar [2010-2012], live member, The March Ahead, Truslow, ex-My Ticket Home), Johnny Franck (Vocals, Guitar [2007-2010] [2013], The March Ahead), Nick White (Bass [2005-2007], founder member), Caleb Shomo (Vocals, Keyboard [2007-2012] [2013], Class, Beartooth, ex-DJ Club)



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